Golden State Warriors, from an epic bad team to an epic strong team, everything starts with changing the boss

Golden State Warriors, from an epic bad team to an epic strong team, everything starts with changing the boss


The Golden State Warriors, who have won 4 NBA championships in the past 10 years, seem to be golden and brilliant, and many epic achievements have been added, but more than a decade ago, the Warriors are a broken, epic bad team that has never been able to play in the playoffs, except for the old eight legends in 2007, there is no annual achievement worth remembering, not to mention the previous time before the promotion to the playoffs in 2007, to go back to 13 years ago, the Run TMC era in 1994, with "ten thousand years of bad team, no victory culture" It's not too much to describe those 20 years of Warriors, and even too good, and these 16 years of dark ages all stem from chris Cohan, the former owner of the Golden State Warriors in 1994.


To count the stupid facts of Cohan's more than ten years as the boss, the appointment of the coaching team, the general manager, and the uniform team is simply out of order, in 1994, in order to keep Don Nelson, he chose to trade Chris Webber, who was also the newcomer king in 1993, and soon after, he fired Nelson, and replaced 7 head coaches in the 1994 to 2004 quite important reconstruction period. On average, there is a change of head coach every 1.5 seasons, and the team culture has not been established before it has been forced to start over.

There are many examples of high draft picks and low returns, in 1995, there was no Rasheed Wallace and Kevin Garnett in the first draft, but Joe Smith, in the 1996 draft, with the 11th pick, did not choose Kobe and Nash, but chose Todd Fuller, of course, the draft is a bit consequential, but after this missed Trace McGrady, Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Pierce and many other quasi-Hall of Fame stars, not to mention the selected Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison have also left the team one after another, even the transaction has no response value, perhaps some decisions are not directly related to Cohan, but the random appointment of the top of the uniform team is also his biggest problem, from the misuse of President Robert Rowell to the appointment of Garry St. Jean and Chris Mullin is the general manager, and the Warriors can't get rid of the bad vision and poor operation.

Even We Believe, who broke through the chaos of 2007, was quickly dismantled by the Cohan team, first trading Richardson and Jackson, and then letting Go Davis, just to help Ellis and Biedrins, and the result was of course a few worse seasons.

In addition to the poor operation and draft vision, Cohan also has a good "commercial" governance style, the ugly one is stinginess, will not take advantage of transaction exceptions, will not exceed the luxury tax line, the governance team is confused Cohan, but also in 2009 by the American media as the worst basketball boss 4th, rotten to rebuild 15 years has not improved.

In addition to the dissatisfaction and criticism of Yongfan fans for many years, cohan's own financial situation was rumored to be not ideal, so in 2009, the news that Cohan was going to sell the Warriors, and soon in July 2010, the shareholders' meeting headed by Joe Lacob and Peter Guber bought the Golden State Warriors for $450 million.


In fact, Warriors fans did not have a good impression of Joe Lacob at the beginning, because the brave fans most want to become the next boss has always been Oracle Group boss Larry Ellison, the Warriors' previous home stadium "Oracle Stadium" was originally called "Oakland Stadium", until Ellison bought the naming rights with the Warriors in 2006, only to change the name to "Oracle Stadium", until the Golden State Warriors moved away from Oracle in 19, only to change the name back to oakland stadium, which can be seen, Ellison has always loved the Warriors, and when the news of the Warriors' sale spread in 2009, Ellison was the frontrunner, only to be stopped by the Lacob team.

At first, because the identity of the Lacob businessman is similar to Cohan, he is not trusted by the fans, plus Ellison is obviously a richer boss (worth $43 billion in 2013, more than $100 billion in 2022), in addition, the reuse of Bob Myers, who is also inexperienced, also makes fans feel that Lacob and Cohan are no different, he once promised that the Warriors will enter the playoffs in 2012, and even a player will be selected for the Star Game In March 2012, the Warriors traded the operation of monta Ellis, the popular king, which directly ignited the anger of fans in the Bay Area to the highest point.

This incident was postponed to a week later, the Warriors held a jersey retirement ceremony for Mullin, when Lacob picked up the microphone, the fans on the sidelines were booing, many times let Lacob's speech be interrupted, the scene was embarrassing to Mullin and Ricky Barry stood up to help Lacob speak, they have said that every decision of the operator is not simple, the crisis must have a change to have a new opportunity, at this time it is very necessary for the patience of fans to support, this incident is naturally not a small blow to Lacrob, But starting out as a venture capital firm, he naturally knew that "investing" would not go smoothly from the beginning.

In 12-13 years, Curry, who did not have Ellis, won the right to fire, and his personal performance improved to a quasi-star performance averaging 23 points and 7 assists per game, and the Warriors also showed different defensive intensities under Jackson, who coached in the second year, because Bogut, who traded Ellis, showed his frame protector at the end of the season, and the Warriors reached the playoffs with 47 wins in a single season that year, and reached the second round in one go.

The story of pushing the team to the championship step by step should be known to many fans.

In October 2012, he renewed Curry's contract early for four years and 44 million, and the following year Curry was selected for the Star Game with 24 points and 8.5 assists, jumping into the top point guard forest of the league.

After losing seven games to the Clippers in the first round of 2014, jackson was fired and Steve Kerr, who had no head coach experience, followed by Kerr's drastic reform of the Warriors' offensive system in the summer of 2014, citing the core concept of dynamic offense and triangular tactics, trying to increase the league's lowest average number of passes per game, only 242 warriors, to an average of 300 passes per game, the Warriors spent only half a season familiar with the system operation, and the name of the Wave Brothers also rose with the tide. In the same season, in the summer of 2015, the Golden State Warriors returned to glory in the 30 years since 1975, knocking down the Cavaliers led by LeBron James and winning the championship. Cohan took over the Warriors for 16 years and only played in the playoffs once, and Lacob took over the Warriors in only 5 years, not only allowing the Warriors to return to the playoffs 3 times, but also winning the championship for 30 years.


What's even more surprising is that the Lacob team is both bold and accurate, and there is still no end in sight to this day; In the summer of 2016, the Warriors lost the defending championship, and in 2012, the four-year contract dividend with Curry played a role, giving the Warriors space to invite Kevin Durant to join the team and launch the Cosmic Warrior Dynasty, regaining the championship in 2017 and 18.

In 2019, due to player injuries and the rise of the Eastern District Tyrannosaurus, the Warriors challenged the three consecutive champions to lose, facing the expiration of the contracts of many star players in the team, of which Durant had already made up his mind, and myers, the warriors general manager who was pulled by Lalab at the time, immediately decided to ask Durant and the Nets to perform a first-time signing and then exchange, so that the Warriors could at least return to D'Angelo Russell.

19-20 season, less Durant and Thompson warriors are seriously injured, Curry is more out of the game 5 games on the entire season reimbursement, Russell is also obviously not in line with the Warriors offensive and defensive system, in the season of losing more than winning less, the Warriors still have something to do in the market operation, seeing that gray wolf forward Wiggins is at the low point of the market, sending Russell to the gray wolves, in exchange for Wiggins plus 1 2021 first-round draft pick.

In 20-21, the Warriors with the pick-up in hand hugged back the rookie Wiseman, although he did not break out of the cocoon in the rookie season, the team did not play the playoffs, but this year is not without gains, in addition to Curry, who still showed peak firepower, Wiggins also began to understand the team system, and more importantly, the 28th pick in the first round of 19 years, fell through the glasses of everyone to select Jordan Poole, and averaged 15 points and 2.3 three-pointers in the last 37 games , leaving a foreshadowing for the Warriors to return to glory the following year.

In the 2021 draft, the Warriors selected potential rookie Kuminga through the first round of draft picks with Wiggins in 2020, and entered Moody with their own signing in the 14th pick, the team's potential youngster increased to 4 places in one breath, and Lacob boasted that Haikou opened the "two timelines" team building mode.

In the summer of 2021, the Myers uniform team found Iguodala, Porter Jr., Bjelica and other veterans to increase their combat strength, Kerr's coaching team was reorganized, introducing many excellent teaching assistant teams, including Milojevic, the European coach who cultivated Jokic, with Thompson's mid-season return, Wiggins and Poole played their skills. Looney also showed extraordinary rebounding ability through Milojevic's guidance, Curry was even more popular in the playoffs, and in June 2022, the Warriors returned to the top again, winning lacrobe's fourth championship since becoming the boss.


After Durant left, the Warriors, who thought they had reached their peak, turned the tide with a series of operations by Lacob and Myers management, from Russell's first signing and then changing, unique insight into Poole, Wiggins trade case, accumulating talent and inviting veterans who meet the system to join the team, the most important thing is to believe in the coaching team led by Kerr, with Curry, Thompson, Green three cores, Finally, there is the Lacob that allows the operation to make the team's salary exceed the luxury tax.

To this day, the Warriors are still on the track of two timelines, although the result is unknown, but at this stage is a success, not to mention the future is quite worth looking forward to, which shows how important it is to choose a good boss and a good executive, Cohan has been the warrior boss for 16 years, and the most successful decision was the last decision to "sell the team to Joe Lacob".

Perhaps for Lacob, the Golden State Warriors are investment projects, and there are news that Lacob will sell after Curry retires, but regardless of the outcome, the Lacob team did change the Warriors in 2010, and changed the fate of Warriors fans.